H.R.H. Prince Alfredo of Hawai'i

H.R.H. Prince Alfredo of Hawai'i is the husband of the Royal Heir of Hawai'i, the Princess Idony Punahele Hoapili of the Royal Hoapili Baker Family, whom he wed on September 30th of 2023, at the patrimonial monument of one of his ancestral Portuguese lineages, the Convento dos Loios and the Castle of Santa Maria da Feira, a castle that was strategically fundamental to the founding of the Kingdom of Portugal. His full name is Alfredo Maria Pignatelli Moniz Perreira de Castro Côrte-Real Souto Neves. Before he married, he was addressed as Senhor Dom Alfredo Côrte-Real, or Dom Alfredo, however he also used Alfredo Côrte-Real as his public figure name.

Prince Alfredo descends directly from multiple royal lineages of all the Kings and Queens of the First (Afonsina) and Second (Avis) Dynasties of Portugal, descending directly from the first king of Portugal, Dom Afonso Henriques. As a descendant of the founding Kings of Portugal, Prince Alfredo is descended from the most illustrious Kings of Europe, such as Emperor Charlemagne, Alfred I of Wessex, Frederick Barbarossa, Henri, Count of Bourgogne, Saint Bernard de Clairveaux, Queen Saint Isabel of Hungary, Vlad III of Wallachia, and the Kings of Naples of the Pignatelli dynasty, etc., who are at the origin of most of the current European Royal Houses.

Prince Alfredo also descends from Dom Egas Moniz (Mentor and Royal Advisor to the First King of Portugal), King Dom Dinis of Portugal and his wife, the Queen Saint Isabel of Aragon, Saint Nuno Alvares Pereira, the Saint Condestavel of Portugal, as well as Navigators of the Côrte-Real dynastic family. The Côrte-Real family name originated from one High Noble knight of the twelve Portuguese Knights of the legendary "Twelve Of England", Vasco Annes de Costa, whose name was changed from Costa to Côrte-Real by decree of King Dom João I in honour of the knight's heroic deeds in England.

The Côrte-Real navigators arrived on the North American continent much earlier than Christopher Columbus (a fact that can be studied in the case of the Dighton Rock). He also descends from Nicolau Coelho, the first Commander to return from India to deliver the news to the Portuguese King that Vasco da Gama discovered the maritime route to India, among many other illustrious ancestors.

Prince Alfredo is also a direct descendant of the Counts of Feira (Santa Maria da Feira), whose castle had a crucial role in the history of the founding of the Kingdom of Portugal.

José Maria da Fonseca Moniz, the Baron of Palme (elevated to the distinction of "Baron with Greatness", equivalent to the rank of Duke, for his heroic military deeds), and a General who fought against the Napoleanic army, is also one of Prince Alfredo's ancestors. The Baron's brother, Antonio Bernardo da Fonseca Moniz, was the Bishop of Porto and the Minister of Justice and Foreign Affairs. Both were highly esteemed Peers of the Realm. It was the family of the Baron of Palme who, during the Liberal Wars in Portugal fought against the tyrant Ex-Infante Dom Miguel, instrumental in the resulting triumph of the Liberalist Royal line, acting at certain key moments and playing a significant role in the stability of the Kingdom of Portugal.

Prince Alfredo also has an ancestor who was with the Royal Portuguese Delegation at the National Palace of Ajuda in Lisbon when King Dom Luis I received King David Kalakaua I during the Hawaiian king's world tour, being at the time the Minister of the king's government, José Luciano de Castro Côrte-Real.

The history of his Souto branch includes Knights of the Order of Christ, Royal Governors of the District of Aveiro, a Portuguese Senator, a Supreme Court Justice, politicians and the most affluent horse breeders in the District of Aveiro.

Prince Alfredo undertakes a number of charitable activities and projects.

Conservation work and supporting communities to protect their culture, patrimony and natural environments for future generations has been one of Prince Alfredo's key priorities for a many number of years.

Prince Alfredo has publicly supported Non-Profit initiatives to divulge, preserve and consecrate the cultural traditions he upholds for future generations. He has a particular care for agricultural, ecological and sustainability issues.

He serves as President and Chair on a number of Non-profit organizations, and also serves as a European board member for the Royal Hoapili Baker Family's philanthropic organization, The Hoapili Baker Foundation.

Some of the communities and institutions to which he has been giving his support are in the least fortunate and underdeveloped areas of the worlds, such as África.

He presides over charitable and altruistic institutions, and has also closely cooperated with military missions in various, high-risk war scenarios.

Prince Alfredo still fervently respects the Portuguese Monarchic Constitution of all the Laws which were in force in Portugal until October 5, 1910.